Our Beauty Services

Our prices may vary from destination to destination


Eyebrow Shaping £10
Upper Lip £5
Side of face £8
Forehead £5
Between Eyebrows £5
Chin £5
Full face (including eyebrows) £30
Neck £8
Ear £5
Nose £5
Eyebrow tidy £8


Eyebrows £8
Eyelashes £15
Eyebrow/Eyelashes £22

Male Grooming

Eyebrow threading £10
Beard Line threading:
cheeks £10
jawline £10
(with whole neck) £18

Waxing, Nail & Facial treatments

Our waxing treatment room has been designed so it can be used by our clients as both a drop-in facility, or alternatively, to book a slot for when it suits you. The beauty therapists at Hind have years of traditional beauty experience. Hind has also taken on a highly talented nail technician to provide all the necessary fashionable and innovative treatments that our clients demand. Sample any of our three traditional indian facials that make use of ancient ayurvedic principles and pure Indian herbal creams. Indian facials are deeply soothing, relaxing and quite unlike anything you may have experienced at conventional salons.

Waxing services

Half Leg (ankle to knee) £15
Full Leg (ankle to hip) £22
Bikini £9
Underarm £9
Full Leg + Bikini Line £29
Brazilian wax £20
Hollywood wax £25
Full Arm £12
Half Arm £9
Lower back £10
Full back (incl. nape of neck) £20
Stomach £10
Chest £12
Nipples (around areola) £5
Full Body £100 (incls. Full arms, full legs, full back, stomach, chest, Hollywood or Brazilian)

Nail services

Mini manicure (file and polish). £12
Manicure £20
Paraffin mask manicure £25 French + £2 (All manicures include a colour of your choice.)
Shellac manicure £25
Shellac french manicure £27
Shellac rockstar manicure £28
Full set of acrylic tips (white/natural) £20
Infills £17
Extras (polish, glitter, gems, flowers) from £3
Mini pedicure (file and polish) £14
Pedicure £26
Paraffin mask pedicure £30
French + £2 (All pedicures include a colour of your choice)
Shellac pedicure £28
Shellac French pedicure £30
Shellac rockstar pedicure £31
Extras (polish, glitter, gems, flowers) from £2
Shellac soak off £5
(Free soak off with fresh shellac manicure)
Acrylic soak off £10

Facial Services

Ayurvedic Simple Facial £30
A 30 minute facial based on the ancient Indian Ayurvedic techniques and asian herbal creams. Cleanser, toner, and indian massage.

Ayurvedic Diamond Facial £45
A 45 minute relaxing Indian facial with a special mix of cleansing creams, toner, scrub, massage cream and mask that adds a brilliant glow to your skin.

Ayurvedic Gold Facial £60
60 minutes of luxury, to enjoy a deluxe Indian gold facial. A slow paced cleansing toner, scrub, long massage and brilliant mask. The Gold facial is absolutely unique.

Eyelash Extensions

Semi permanent lashes £20
Strip lashes with application £15
Removal £5

Traditional Massage

Indian Head Massage (15mins) £15

Indian Head Massage (30mins) £30 ( with organic scalp treatment extra £5)
Ideal for any head, neck or shoulder tension. Encourages hair growth when used with a hot oil treatment.

Back Massage (25 mins) £25
A gentle massage using aromatherapy oils to enhance the mood and relax your body.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (45 mins) £45
A massage to increase blood and lymphatic ow, which helps improve muscle tone and skin texture

Full body massage (60 mins) £60
A relaxing massage to increase blood and lymphatic ow and improve muscle tone and skin texture.

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